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Why DHM?

DHM trial lawyers have over 65 combined years of litigation experience with the personal attention, service, and adaptability of a boutique law firm. We have handled headline-grabbing cases, bet-the-company investigations, and life-altering crises for individuals throughout our careers. We will devote the same skills and commitment to problems of any size, including yours.



We thrive in the courtroom, but we strive to provide clients with efficient, individualized, and effective resolution strategies to all of their legal issues in and out of court.



We promise to dedicate ourselves fully to our clients and to advocate for their legal well-being, whether that is before a jury or as a strategist outside the courtroom.



We approach every case as a unique challenge, and we confront every legal matter with integrity and resolve.

Practice Areas

Industries Served

bulbEnergy / Oil & Gas

Houston, Texas has been called the “Energy Capital of the World.” Unsurprisingly, Houston-based Drumheller, Hollingsworth & Monthy, LLP has experience representing businesses and individuals involved in energy and natural resources industries with contract disputes, employment litigation, emergency litigation, mediation and arbitration proceedings, and more. But DHM’s knowledge in the energy industry goes deeper. At Drumheller, Hollingsworth & Monthy, LLP, we have studied raw crude oil and natural gas production, midstream transportation and pipeline management, downstream refining and markets, and retail distribution to consumers. More importantly, we have explained the industry and those concepts to juries.


The attorneys at Drumheller, Hollingsworth & Monthy, LLP have worked on numerous cases involving environmental claims and regulations. We represent businesses faced with civil or criminal liability for exposure, contamination, and cleanup issues. Because of our experience in emergency litigation and media affairs, we have also advised clients in real time when environmental concerns and hazards are actively or have only recently occurred.

bulbHealth Care

Representing professionals and institutions in the heavily regulated and complex field of health care can be challenging. At Drumheller, Hollingsworth & Monthy, LLP, we draw from a broad range of experiences to help our clients achieve the best possible outcome for health care cases. We have advised States, trade organizations, and publicly-traded stakeholders on matters of health care policy, we have represented institutions in and around the Texas Medical Center with multi-million-dollar contract disputes, and we have represented medical professionals with civil, employment, and criminal concerns. Clients in the health care field can therefore expect that Drumheller, Hollingsworth & Monthy, LLP will hit the ground running when we represent them.

bulbAthletes, Agents & Teams

We have experience as legal advocates in a different arena than most law firms. The team at Drumheller, Hollingsworth & Monthy, LLP, represents current and former professional athletes, certified agents, sports agencies, and professional sports teams in both criminal and civil investigations and proceedings. We also have litigation experience in civil and certification disputes governed exclusively by the unique rules and procedures set forth by professional sports leagues, including Major League Baseball, the National Football League, and NASCAR.

bulbFinancial Services

We draw on experience in and around the finance industry for businesses and individuals that manage money in both civil and criminal investigations and litigation. At Drumheller, Hollingsworth & Monthy, LLP, we have represented accounting firms, bank executives, insurance companies, and investment brokers and traders with contract, employment, intellectual property, and federal criminal claims or concerns. We not only know our way around applicable regulations and financial statements, we understand that financial services matters often feature incredibly high stakes.


Drumheller, Hollingsworth & Monthy, LLP represents contractors, developers, homeowners, and investors in construction-related litigation. While many of the same contract, employment, and emergency litigation principles from typical business litigation apply to construction disputes, we have studied engineering and design concepts unique to the construction industry as well, and, more importantly, we have explained the industry and those concepts to juries.

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