White Collar Defense

White Collar Defense

When a financial or business event or loss occurs, authorities are increasingly unwilling to leave the matter to the civil justice system. In 1984, the U.S. Congress passed the Sentencing Reform Act, which set criminal penalties for executives and other “white collar” workers involved in business losses that take into account the aggregate loss of those involved in the litigation. This means that office workers suspected of causing high losses could multi-million dollar fines and the loss of their liberty in prison. These high stakes require experienced lawyers. At Drumheller, Hollingsworth & Monthy, LLP, our experienced white collar criminal defense lawyers utilize industry knowledge and trial-tested tactics to defend those accused of these serious crimes.

Why You Need A White Collar Criminal Defense Attorney

White collar crimes may be non-violent, but they usually include large sums of money. Civil defense attorneys are not equipped with the unique laws and procedures involved with a white collar defense case, and most criminal defense attorneys are not equipped to handle these types of claims because they often involve complex financial regulations, complicated investigations, vast amounts of data and documents, and tangled webs of relationships.

Why Drumheller, Hollingsworth & Monthy, LLP?

White collar criminal cases require the intelligence and organization of a business litigator and the passion and oral advocacy of a criminal defense attorney. DHM lies directly in this intersection of skills and experience. The white collar criminal defense attorneys at Drumheller, Hollingsworth & Monthy, LLP have experience and a track record of success with complex white collar criminal defense cases. Our attorneys represented the Arthur Anderson accounting firm amid the Enron scandal, and they have protected other individuals from allegations of white collar crime. In addition to representing individuals accused of white collar crimes, two of our founding partners have experience on the other side of docket as Assistant District Attorneys. This gives them valuable insight that informs their strategies for defense.

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